WooZone Plugin Update

This is both a thread for me to ask help and to vent.

I purchased woozone amazon affiliate plugin. I used the instructions to install. (Vent: They never told how to do amazon side of things… which was a nightmare). I figured it all out and got it working.

Next, The products never updated! I did see that there were instructions how to create a real cron job instead of a wp cron. I did this and guess what… STILL NOT WORKING.

Ok, I can update products manually a couple times until the update comes out, I paid lots of money for a working service, so I’m sure they are working on it…

Well, 3 updates later, I have been racking my brain how to update the plugin. I can find NO TUTORIAL about how to update with the new version, contacted AAteam and have gotten NO reply over the last 3 or 4 weeks!

Now I am stuck with a store that I have to update almost daily until I get a plugin update completed. I would just replace files in my cpanel, but dont know what files to update. I DONT want to lose products or categories when I do this (hence, why I waited for a tutorial).

I am sick of this and HELPPPPP!!!

Hi Cleversurvivalist,
I hear ya. They tell you how to install but updating you’ll find nothing. Here’s what you do.

First, I’m assuming you have already downloaded the most up-to-date version, as of this writing, it’s 8.2.

2nd, Login into your WP website dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins > WooZone - WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates (WZ AA) and “deactivate” it.

3rd, Now delete it. I know, you’re deleting all the files. Don’t worry, everything you set up will still be there.

4th, Now upload the latest WZ AA plugin, 8.2, and activate it.

And that’s how you update the plugin. I have no clue why they couldn’t have made a simple post in their knowledge base. Good luck.

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I found a wordpress plugin for this as well. It worked well.

It is called: Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades

It’s a shame their customer service is so terrible.

The software is good, but full of bugs and incompatible with PHP7 (they have already said they have no intention to remedy this until more people complain).

When you report one of these bugs, if it’s a bug they’re unaware of or unsure of how to fix, they will ignore your tickets.

3 months, no resolution.


Im trying to get woozone to auto import one product a day into my site, using a keyword. How can I do this…? whenever i try to do this, woozone imports all the items at once even when i click add to schudule

Thank you!