Woocommerce product feed


I am looking for a plugin that could generate product feeds from woocommerce. XML feeds, CSV feed(file) etc. You should be able to make custom feeds that would work with prizegrabber etc. type of sites. Also the plugin need to handle variations.

Do anybody know about this kind of plugin ?

Thank you for all your help!

Hi I think such plugin doesn’t exist if there is any that is by saas service where you have to pay monthly if you are interested we can work together to create a plugin where you have to pay once.

Hi! Thanks for your reply.

I am suprised if a plugin like this dont exists. Since at least 50% of every ecommerce store wants to export their product data to with a feed to price grabber etc.

I dont think we will build once for ourselves. But someone should start looking at building one :slight_smile: It should be a market fro this kind of plugin.


I have worked with InfusionFeed so I know the field if you want we can build and earn. But to start I need some investment.


Sorry Mantra. I Was just looking for a plug in. It seems there is none.