Woocommerce PDF Catalog not loading full catalog.

i can not download my full pdf catalog i need to have a PDF copy of my entire woocommerce catalog but i get this error every time i try to load it please help!

I think the clue is the answer at the top of your screenshot - you switched URLS from a staging to a different url. Have you contacted the author?

i will switch URLs now but that is for a different item a Google Site Kit plugin but i will do that to see if that may help


You know there is an issue because on your domain URL your Font Awesome is not loading either

I know its difficult test driving a new theme on a current existing website, but my guess would be when you switched from staging to live, then something was missing. In this case I always find it easier to setup a domain name rather than using a sub domain url. It makes life a bit easier when you do switch. BUT (and this is the but) I do not use wordpress enough to really answer your questions. I use PHP scripts that don’t need to rely on themes, plugins, and multiple other twists and turns just to get a website online.