Compre plugin Woocommerce PDF Catalog

Compre plugin Woocommerce PDF Catalog en Envato, pero no se instala, me dice que no hay ningún plugin, porque?


You can receive help/support from the author of the plugin at this address (please click the button Contact Author at the bottom of the page):

If the errors keeps appearing, please make sure you download the correct installable plugin file: navigate to your Dowloads area and click this button:

All the best!

Hola, cual es el codigode Envato para agregar el catalogo?
Puse como [pdfcatalog] y me marca error:

No Purchase Code Specified. Please enter your Envato purchase code for this plugin in the PDF Catalog Settings.

Hola, this is how you can get your Envato purchase key code:

como activo el botón en mi pagina de woocomerce? lo hago en una pagina nuevo ? cual el el código para crear el botón? Lo puedo poner directamente en mi tienda de Woocomerce?

You’re welcome! But, unfortunately, I cannot help further with issues very specific to the plugin, for those you will still have to contact the plugin author for support here

Gracias, lo contactare