Woocommerce multilevel attributes

Hi there,
i’m looking for an woocommerce plugin that allows me to add multilevel attributes.
so i have shop for a bakery and they want to display nutritions for their products.
so a product should have an attribute called nutrions per 100g, then different selectable options like fat, salt, sugar etc. and then of course fat = 10g, salt = 1g, sugar = 3g. another product then might has no sugar, salt = 10g etc.

as an attribute customers should be able to select all products with fat less than 5g etc.

any plugin that can support this?

thank you!

Hey there @efini

So if I’m understanding correctly, another way to describe the issue is that want the ability to search via custom filters… is that right?

So the customer can say “I only want to see products with less than 10g of fat…”

This might help you…

Hi matthew and thank you for your reply!

ok my first attempt do explain my problem was a bit confusing. let me try again :slight_smile:

lets say i would build a shop that sells cars (that might be a better example). then i would want an attribute that reflects engine data (displacement, horsepower etc.) and maybe another attribute for the audio system (DBA, Watt, Ammount of speakers)

car 1

  • attribute1 (engine data)
    • displacement (2l)
    • horsepower (150)
  • attribute 2 (sound system)
    • DBA (100)

car 2

  • attribute1 (engine data)
    • displacement (6l)
    • horsepower (300)
  • attribute 2 (sound system)
    • DBA (120)

to my understanding that is not possible with woocommerce since i can’t give “displacement” the value of “2l” an therefore requires a plugin (i’m not able to find).

hope my second attempt is more understandable :smiley:

thank you!