I search a calorie information plugin

Hello, i search a plugin for Wordpress (woocommerce)…
i want to add a new Product but i need a calorie information… on the image and

when a user see the product he see the (categorie) example VEGETARIAN… and he see the calorie…

Does somebody has any idea?..

WooCommerce Additional Information Plugin - Product Tabs Manager

Here is one plugin for creating product tabs. You can customize your product tabs with additional product information (in your case calories).
For the thumbnail part, you will need to create a custom field for the product (or multiple fields) and display the information in the product image.
Also there are multiple ways to achieve this, and most often without the need of additional plugins but you will need some development knowledge.
I would suggest to hire a developer/freelancer to do the custom work for you.

Perfect thank you very much! have a nice day