Woocommerce Flatsome Theme: customize price range (ecommerce help? - gulp)


Dear All, maybe you can help –

I’m using the wonderful UX theme Flatsome for my woocommerce store.

I sell jewelry. I have products that I sell (many) that range in price. for example, a diamond studded ring that if ordered in a small size costs $1700, but in a larger size costs $2000. The difference in price comes either from attributes, or from global add-ons.

In a category catalog page (and in product page too) the price of the item looks like this: "$1715 - $2058"
See here: http://awesomescreenshot.com/08b3jbyrd7
and here: http://awesomescreenshot.com/08e3jbzo0f

If I have a catalog page with, say, 12 items on it; and each product has a range from “$x to $y” - it’s very confusing and overwhelming for the customer to see (not very UX friendly…). Not to mention that the higher price of the two may deter the customer from buying – even if the higher price is not relevant to them…

Basically i was hoping to be able to make it look like it does on etsy.com. instead of a price range like this “$x to $y”, it just shows “$x+” = the original price with a plus sign next to it. So much easier on the eyes!
See catalog for example here: http://awesomescreenshot.com/08b3jc2a31("+" does NOT appear)
And see product page example here: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0db3jc1w02 ("+" DOES appear)

So, any ideas if the theme can be tweaked? I asked theme support, who then sent me to an outside company that could do it, but the quote was much more than I wanted to spend…

Is this really so difficult??
Thanks for you help


Hello. Have you tried clicking on that item’s support tab? It can be found here.

Please follow the instructions provided in the link above to interact directly with the author, where they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Thanks!


The modification you are asking is for is not difficult to implement, but, as with all changes, it’s not something that should be “thrown together” in a hurry. Even the smallest change can break a site, if one make a mistake.

I don’t know how much you have been quoted for it, but I reckon that any developer would estimate at least one hour of work (taking specifications, implementing the change, testing, communicating with customer are all part of the job, and they all take time), then apply their regular hourly rate. At least, this would be my minimum estimate, if I were to do it. :slight_smile: