looking for responsive e-commerce theme to sell online Design services and features

Hi guys i am new here and i was wondering if you can help.

I am looking for an e-commerce theme which allows me to sell services.

I am a designer and i am looking for a responsive e commerce website which allows my customers to create their own package and be in charge of their budget and choose how much they want to sell.

something like icons in a grid with prices.

stage 1: choose package (so choose whatever design features they want which are priced accordingly)
stage 2: click on buy now and the total value will go into paypal with an invoice.

any such theme or similar? please i really need this.

Appreciate all your help in advance.



The Flatsome Theme is a pretty sweet ecommerce focused theme that has some grid layouts in adition to other options.

Everything you’re listing here is pretty straightforward with woocommerce.

im planning on using either opencart or magento, does the theme work on there?

Hello, I can help you with that project. Contact me on: mehtiyevmehti@yahoo.com so we can discuss about it.

Mehti M. Mehtiyev

Generally, Open Cart and Magento integrations are handled through plugins.

Magento can be integrated through: https://wordpress.org/plugins/magento-wordpress-integration/
Open Cart can be integrated through: https://wordpress.org/plugins/opencart-product-display/

If you’re thinking about going this route, then the world’s your oyster with regards to themes, and you can pretty much pick any theme that you think you’d like. Flatsome is nice–but it’s WooCommerce centric. Instead, I recommend on focusing on other aspects of your design (separate from the storefront) when making a theme selection, since your storefront will be handled by a separate plugin.

Be advised, using this method, means you’ll have two content management systems to take care of, since magento and Open Cart will (always) reside outside of WordPress.

Does that help?