Why you are rejected my work?

This is my work iam uploaded in to envato market, that’s rejected.why you are rejected? could you please give me the reason for improving next project.

hi I guess the rejection is easy to understand here … this is that there is no scenery whatsoever here … u have the product meant to be adapted , yes, for sure but the global environment where the product is meant to be displayed is lacking …

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do you mean i must use background and shadow right?can you explain me more please?

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hi yes this is what I try to explain, your object is cool but there is no environment and thus no environment to modulate according to needs and I did not think that a object alone can be really considered as a “mockup” and that this can make it on its own …

thank you so much for your help.i will use shadow and background for my work.i hope they accepted my work.and thank you again my friend

fingers crossed , I hope it works for u :slight_smile: if u have enough clues, then pls check the solution box :slight_smile:

i hope too :joy: i will send my work with environment again.thanks mr