Why this logo was rejected?

Can anyone tell me why this logo was rejected. In my opinion is high quality one.
Thank you!

hi u do not have a tagline when this is required , plus u have no horizontal version when this is required too … u have to put a bit more effort in the typo too but u have a very good base to work with, so fix and i am sure it cam make it … :slight_smile:

But I see other approved logos without horizontal version. Especially mascot logos. And about tagline I never knew that this is necessary. Anyway thank you a lot!

i tell u as for i know … i maybe be wrong … but i guess this is useful for u to do and this is increasing your chances , now u are free not to follow …

I understood and I will try it with another logo, this one is uploaded elsewhere.
Really appreciate your answer.

i think that “trying with another logo” is a big mistake … most of the authors who mention about this , indeed, they come back here with another rejections and the reasons for their rejections are in the great majority of times the same …

I add a taglie but it was again rejected.
This is the messaje I receive This is a resubmission of a previously rejected submission. Resubmitting without making any changes or improvements is a breach of Envato policy. If this item was previously hard-rejected, it cannot be resubmitted without significant changes. Repeated resubmission of hard-rejected items without significant improvement may result in a suspension of upload rights.

Have you studied the terms of submissions on this page https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000555726-Logo-Templates-Submission-Requirements

Yes, of course!