Why themeforest rejected my html theme

Hi to all:

My item is hard rejected, why? please help me this item

Demo: https://themehtml.000webhostapp.com/preview/ekron/index.html


Hi here:

Your design is bad spacing, typography, bad padding & margin, colors but you need practice more for approved themeforest.


Which section have bad spacing , typography , bad padding and margin, colors tell me please. Because I new designer themeforest
I will correction this section.


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padding & margin:

you need better colors https://color.adobe.com/es/explore/?filter=most-popular&time=month

Good luck regards.

hi there

Thank you jeriteam for supprot you. I have corrected spacing, padding, typography padding and margin and colors.If you can see this template any problem that Please tell me next problem.

Demo : https://themehtml.000webhostapp.com/preview/ekron/index.html

I will correction this template.


Your padding and spacings are not enough.And also you preloader is not appear in center.

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Hi there
which section are not enough padding and spacings. please tell me. I will solve those section.Now you can see preloader. Recently I have correction preloader problem. now have center proloader .

Demo: https://themehtml.000webhostapp.com/preview/ekron/index.html

Thank you for supprots