Why no developer is selling airbnb clone script in Codecanyun?

I ask why no devoloper is selling a demanded script like Airbnb.com clone script?
I have been looking for a very good airbnb clone script for a very long time but no developer is selling that here.
Here are two reference for developers to take note:

  1. https://makent.trioangle.com/
  2. makentexperience.trioangle.com
    this two scripts has a high demand and no developer is selling here in codecanyun

There are similar rental items that could be used to achieve something like that but candidly - there are some types of item that simply do not really suit a stock marketplace.

With all due respect to some of the authors on envato, I would strongly question the legitimacy of a business that operates a website or service like Air BnB (given the millions of $ their system will have cost to build let alone maintain) that handles that level of data, payment and maintenance etc. based on a stock app which will have cost less than a few hundred $.

There are plenty of “Air bnb clones” out there if you Google it but the ones you would want to use which are usually properly managed will be significantly more costly and likely based on a subscription.

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