Why my theme rejected ?

Website URL is

When upload WordPress theme but has been hard rejected ?? !!

I am sorry but this is very far from required quality standards. Take a look at some recent bestsellers to get an idea about what level of quality is expected here:

Looks like a badly hacked rip off of https://themeforest.net/item/pizzaro-food-online-ordering-woocommerce-theme/19209143

If you can’t code your own items then why bother insulting the reviewer and other authors by wasting their time?!

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If I use the same images of another theme it is well rejected ??

It’s not just the same images that mirror the other site and NO you have to have license/permission etc to use any images regardless of the source unless they are free for commercial use (which premium stock food shots will not be)

I am use the same classes and styles but I use bootstrap 4
And not use the same plugins
I am not use slider revolution in home page 1
And use acf plugin to create slider
And use modern events Calender .

The same not use post format wordpress not support .

In blog page can user change style from grid to list and Pagination with ajax

I think the style , classes sass and images it is only the same

OK I am not know the image with license
And I will build new website not use any style or images from any author …
I start by Photoshop and build it HTML and scss
After end all that I make the theme
Thank you