why this wordpress theme got reject ?

i had been working on this theme for 2 months and i made sure that i follow every step of envato min requirments and i uploaded it to themeforest and after 1 week it rejected, so i will be glad if some one could tell me the reason to consider it in the future? here is the theme url,
thanks in advanced

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Sorry too basic design :frowning:

The design is far too basic

No TV shows so feels unfinished

Concept doesn’t feel practical yet and needs extending

Images are all copyrights (and stretched) - how are you inserting those? Via API or just uploading them?

ok thanks for the tips,
i uploaded them

so is it bad design or basic design?
and what should i do to make a good design to go on themeforest ?

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Then you are breaking all sorts of copyright laws - those are protected images and the only way you would be able to display them (even then you would need to check that it’s ok) is if you were dynamically pulling info and graphics from official sites like IMDB etc.

Bad design and too basic sorry but you need practice more for approved themeforest.

the images just in the demo url , not included in the theme, is it forbidden too ?

Of course, it is - they are copyrighted and trademarked graphics and you are using it for commercial purpose. It will never ever be approved (even if you fix the design flaws)

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ok thank you for informing me about that,
so i have one more question, if i bought html design from themeforest and convert it to wordpress of my own programming and upload it to themeforest, is it okay ? and if its should i buy regular licence or extended licence ?

You can’t do this unless you have express permission from the original author and any agreements. licenses etc. that they require

ok if i made a deal with the original author, how to inform themeforest about this deal when uploading ?
and sorry for the too many questions, i just do not want to go through reject in the future

They need to open a ticket giving permission and then give you the ticket ID to include with your submission

Get it all in writing/email also