Why my flyer design got rejected?

I don’t know what is the wrong with this?
I have received unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward from graphicriver.

Can anyone please help to find out a solid reason. :pray: :pray: :pray:

If you remove the picture that I suppose is not included where is the graphic design?

Shall I remove the image? But that is part of the design…

hi indeed, the answer to your question depends on whether u own the rights on the picture or not … did u shoot it by yourself or did a photographer give it for u to exploit? if not, then of course, u need to take it out from the main file … but anyway, in any event, if u ask me, there are a good deal of things explaining the rejection, according to me. Let’s get started

1- global style
do not get me wrong, what u have here is far from being the worst design ever that turned out to have been rejected , but, the fact of the matter is that this is really minimalistic to say the least and this takes me to point 2, pls see there. What is left to say in this “section” is that , if u ask me, this would be good to push the envelope graphic design wise, this would help not only to bring something more unique to the table, but this would also help to add additional value in the process as well
2- low commercial potential
indeed, let’s face it , what is the reason for most of the people to buy an item here … they may have no knowledge at all and need a design, or they may look for reselling a design and save time, or they may handle graphic design tools but look for something more professional and impressive for their customer … this is where it hurts for u if u ask me, as, if the central picture does not belong to u, there is simply close to nothing the main file and i guess u can figure out what could be the feeling of a buyer realizing that they had been paying for a simple background, a few blocks of text and two separated halftones indeed. i assume that u may understand that this would necessarily be a “disappointment factor”. So, basically enough, why would a reviewer let a design go when its potential commercially speaking is low and that the disappointment may be quite certain if the item had made it for sale and that someone had bought it?
3- dispostion general organization
sorry to say just this and pls do not feel hurt about what i am going to say but this looks obvious that u do not know what i usually call “z-shape reading process” and which is determining the way eyes are sweeping across a document (from top left to top right then slanted way to bottom left and finally end up in the bottom right area indeed). This very process is determining impact zones and where this is making sense to place the most important elements indeed … in this case, sorry to say just this u have nothing in the impact zones … those mentioned plus the very center of the page …
4- readability
this is not wonderful about for a combination of reasons indeed , some texts are not violating the contrast basic design principles but though fail to pop out enough all the same. The fonts u used are rather thin and placing such text on “complex background” (i mean with variations, is a guaranty that these texts will be harder to read indeed). Flat hierarchy and typo do not help either …
5- typo
we can probably consider the typo as “clean” but the fact of the matter is that just clean is not enough for a place like GR, where typo is probably the main focus , no matter where u are posting … there is a combination of issues, having it all written in caps while u do not even have any variation or font combination in the meanwhile, plus the fact that some originality is lacking as originality touches indeed help to generate some relief and increase readability and impact
6- spacing
this is hard to follow what is the “guideline” as far as spacing is concerned , pls keep in mind that this is a template and that u are required to arrange everything as perfectly as it gets and if required, to do so, u can even adapt the content for this
7- misbalance
if u wanna know i feel, the problem is that the current organization of elements is confronting u with a trouble in terms of harmony and balance , since some areas of the canvas look way much more crammed than some others

lol u know this is bit like when we all have to take out the model that we put inside our items, they are also part of the design, though, for matters of rights, u have to take them away …