Why have there been no new Elementor Template Kits on Elements for 2 weeks?

There are lots of new template KITs on Themeforest, but there is no new on EnvatoElements in the last 2 weeks

It could be that Elements authors just haven’t posted anything new in 2 weeks.

There are lots of Elementor template Kits on Themeforest in the last 2 weeks.
I don’t think nobody has consented to post on Elements

Elementor templates from ThemeForest should be automatically imported into Elements library.

Or something has been changed or that part has stop to work (Envato should fix that)

where can the error be reported to envato?

New Template KITs on ThemeForest:

and on Envato:

The “Brant” vas released on 01.02.2023

And after that date there is no new KIT on Envato

On February 7, I sent a support request to Envato support on this issue because one of my items did not upload to Elements (approved on ThemeForest). After 4 days of no response, I sent another reminder on February 11th. I received a response on February 12th:

I’ll need to consult with another team about this. I’ll keep you updated as they arrive; thank you for your patience!

After that, there was no response from the Envato support team.

I’ll check in with our Operations team - I know that there have been a few issues with new items in various categories, but I don’t know whether Template Kits are affected by those.

The category on Elements doesn’t receive a huge number of new items: averaging a pretty steady 3-5 new Elementor Template Kits per week across the last year. We’d still expect to see at least a couple of new items in that category since Feb 1st, though.

Is it possible that there is a technical error behind the fact that new elements do not appear in Elements?

@cstibi It looks like that may be the case - our developers are currently investigating. I’ll post back in this thread when I have more information.