Why has my theme been rejected ?

Hello everbody,

I got a hard rejected email before a couple of days due to quality standard required.

Please Help me find and acquire any improvements that can lead the theme to approve in next submit.

item name : "JavaTMP - Bootstrap Components Template"
item live demo : http://demo.javatmp.com/JavaTMP-Static-Ajax

item description:
JavaTMP is a lightweight and feature rich Bootstrap components template
which is clean and easy to use and customize. JavaTMP is a responsive and multipurpose admin theme build with Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.7 Framework, HTML5 and CSS3. JavaTMP can be used for any type of web applications.
JavaTMP has a huge collection of plugins and UI components and works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets and phones.

  • Fluid and responsive template
  • Clean and easy to use and customize.
  • Well structured and clean code.
  • Fixed navbar, sidebar, breadcrumb, and footerbar parts.
  • AJAX based Template.
  • Use Node’s npm for a packages and dependencies management.
  • Use Bower for managing web frameworks and plugins.
  • Use Gulp for automating build and development processes.
  • Use SASS’s SCSS syntax for generating CSS files.

Thank you very much for any suggestion and information.

Hi there:

I think that you design is too basic and you need learning more for approved themeforest, regards.

you have good day :slight_smile:

This seems like it belongs on CodeCanyon to me. ThemeForest is for web templates and designs (with extremely high attention to detail and design quality), and CodeCanyon is more for the component side of things without much attention to design.

You can submit this item in the Skins > Bootstrap category.

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