Why has my PHP script been rejected? Without any reason!

Really sorry for your experience, they don’t make any sense… For what it’s worth, I like the design, but the initial load was a bit slow.

My project https://omnicartshop.com got rejected the same way… no response whatsoever.

When I contacted them through support, they got back to me that they do not have time to give feedback, because that would require them a whole team… which doesn’t make any sense. For me even a 3-4 words sentence would’ve been enough, or just them having a dropdown select when rejecting for a general message.

The cherry on the cake was when at the end of the email it stated that they whish me luck on a future project though… This hits hard when you pour your soul into your work.

So yeah, it’s pretty much a joke.

For reference you are an exclusive author and selling the script elsewhere so it would never be approved.

I’m not a reviewer so I can’t see if that was or was not the only reason you were rejected but it’s certainly a possibility.

Of course! But I only uploaded it elsewhere after they hard rejected it twice in a matter of few minutes…

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I love it. Do you have it on Sale elsewhere?
Interested to buy.

But I seen Envanto allowed us sale product anywhere. You can seen Become Author