Why has my PHP script been rejected? Without any reason!

The design is not good enough, it doesn’t look premium. Either find yourself a designer or read some articles, check out inspiration sites like Dribbble etc, etc. This is not something you can improve overnight, it takes experience. But as I’ve said, I have no idea how important is design in this category, I am not a CC author, but if you’ve submitted this as a template/theme on ThemeForest, it would be surely hard rejected as it is very far from design quality standards required there.

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As a Full Stack Developer, I’m not really the best in designing.
Compared to other competeting codecanyon products, which are similar to mine, a video platform, I guess mine has so far the “best” or cleanest design…

I’m wondering just what I could improve at all.
Breaking my head right now.

Anybody else got an idea why my project got rejected?
Still waiting for the support to answer my question with a better explanation…

The review process is more strict than it used to be, some bad quality items still get accepted though.
There is one person who reviews CC items, basically he won’t accept the item, if he did not like it the first time. And they won’t tell you what they did not like, they won’t “coach” you as they said to me.

My advice, ditch the project and start making a new one. Don’t keep wasting time on that, it won’t get accepted.
Been there, done that.

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then try to be.

Read this comment again :slight_smile:

I am a full stack developer too but if someone says “Its ugly, it is ugly”, especially if someone is the judge or ascertains experience.

I had a script on CC too, as soon as I got a 4 star review (instead of 5 star) I asked for the feedback and pulled it down.

Because he pointed something and I realized that it was not the best script.

So… Pull yourself together, I love the auto-play on mouse hover, I like how it transitions from one page to another, but this can be improved as well, try to give block placeholder that should make the user “feel” that it is “loaded and almost there” - check Youtube and you might like it.

Let me help you with a quick link : Lazy load-style text as seen on new YouTube design? - Stack Overflow
This should be sufficient.

Don’t compare your script with “others” in CC.
Compare it with “your best version”.
I understand you have spent 6 months on it and trust me, it is a GREAT script but it can be better.

Check this Video Player on CC : Ultimate Video Player by FWDesign | CodeCanyon

Trust me, this is MUCH better than what you submitted. Not comparing but giving you an insight.

I think Videoly has a great potential, work on it - make it super amazing… Add more content… Change the name, I would call it VideoTubeHub… Your script is supposed to be purchased by people in “ENTERTAINMENT” business! But ask yourself, are you really entertaining?

This is what @LSRVthemes meant when they said :

I agree to what he says. You should too.

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Yo man. This is a common feeling on Envato! hang in there. and read my bio if you get a chance. I just wrote it before I read your post :wink:

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I never was either. and I can totally relate to “breaking my head”! For me, I know what good design looks like but it doesn’t always come natural. So I always just throw things at the wall and eventually something sticks :smile:

for me, I was always a connoisseur of the new and popular files. so that would be my suggestion, as design is king when it comes to sales (and getting approved).

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Two months have passed and I‘ve focused on the design.

What do you think now about my project at http://videoly.de

Added so much new features like a monetization system to charge users to watch their videos (like onlyfans). Social login. Redesigned the entire page. And much more small features and fixes. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you like it yet :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my product has been rejected again, with no reason.
I’ve spent, as I’ve already said, this time two extra months in improving the features and at all the main focus was the design.

What should I improve now? What should I do better now?

Live demo is still: http://videoly.de

It’s really driving me crazy as I’ve lost my jobs already for months due to the pandemic and I’ve dreamt about starting my selfemployement through Envato, which can work totally fine. Now, I’m still there without money, can’t even realize any holidays this year, the summer is just trash. Spent months for coding, which of course is frustrating, and still I’m getting rejected without any reason.

Even if I have to spend more two months for this, I will do it. I just don’t want to delete this project or make it open source, as I’ve spent as already said, way too much time for this. :frowning:

  1. Keep the navigation closed by default. It covers the design and can’t see the first column.

  2. Keep Premium and Free videos different, when I first checked the link it kept showing me premium to watch. Maybe this is what reviewer saw as well?

  3. Why no videos in trending? Dont keep anything empty. You are trying to sell something.

  4. You don’t really need Recent Authentications in auth page. It is a bright idea to have but have you considered GDPR?

  5. I just signed up with my Gmail and it says “Suspicious activity detected.”. Lol, why?

  6. After signing in, it opened Messages, I searched for Dominic and clicked on the user, it is loading something since… almost 5 minutes now.

  7. Share videos around the globe I tried 424242424242 on adding credit card, it did nothing

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Thanks a lot for reaching out and helping me!
I will work on all these steps now and let you know once they’re done :slight_smile:

So happy to get your help, really appreaciate it!

  1. Fixed!
  2. In Progress
  3. In Progress
  4. In Progress
  5. In Progress
  6. Fixed!
  7. In Progress

Live changes will be uploaded once all has been fixed / changed

No problem at all!
Keep on, keeping on!

Few more things…

With Sign in - also put Sign up. Remember, most of the users look for super easy app.

After clicking on Sign in, I can see New Here? , when I click that tab, it makes me sign up.

Would be super easy if I could see 2 buttons right on the top, sign up and sign in…

Try to keep things simple…

Reviewers receive thousands of apps per week, they have very little time to go through the app, it must make good impression.

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Man I’m so thankful for your suggestions. Is there any chance to get in private touch with you somehow? Thanks a lot again!

I promise that I will work on all these things and make it better. But somehow I feel that I have to thank you somehow for all this help you’re giving me.

Contact me somehow over PN here please!

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You are welcome.
I actually believe what you are making is great.
You just need a better QA check and the app is all set!

Sorry to barge into your thread.
I was following this thread to check what 13EliteCode37 has been working on.
I checked iChat.it It looks pretty outdated. 3D looking buttons are very 2012, we are at 2021 ! :grin:
While the functionality is good, it can work better if UI is taken into consideration.
Try adding whitespace.
Wait, just remake the whole UI, keep the same functionality…
Here’s an idea… You can take inspiration from an app called Clubhouse.
Try again!

Try NOT adding more features. I saw in one of your previous replies that you added a membership area (like onlyfans, lol).
Well, look, work on such ‘extensions’ after the main script is accepted. That way, you can have more products, and make more money.
But, nevertheless. It will help people somehow.
Tag me once you have the changes ready.
You can make this script a super rockstar!