Why don't we have NodeJs Category as the Php one !



hi guys a serious question tho why don’t we have NodeJs Scripts category as the Php category , i mean we all know how strong and popular node is


Some requests have been because people don’t know how to do the same things in Node.js as they do easy in PHP, and other requests have been because they need to work together with other teams who only program in PHP.
Since you can run PHP on the command line, and Node.js can easily exec programs through the command line, it’s very much possible.
What are the benefits?
Easy collaboration across teams with different knowledge
PHP is really good at throwing fast scripts together
No need to run several servers if both Node.js and PHP are needed

More possibilities for security breaches
Not very good performance
Easy to shoot yourself in the foot
If you already know PHP and are learning node, you will probably have a tendency to program the “hard” things in PHP, thus not learning the node way of doing it.

Thank you.
Emma Piterson
TechTIQ Solutions


Yah, nodejs is strong and i love it more than PHP,
Offers more tools with npm and easy to deploy,
Plus Nodejs peformance is better than php’s,
The problem is most of hosting services does not offer nodejs hosting which is not advantage.
Also Reactjs is good choise, you can create app with Reactjs + Nodejs as backend server or use php and its gonna be awesome modren script pack