Why does my PhotoDune Stock images get suspended and deleted?

I have just logged into my PhotoDune account and see the banner message

“Item submissions have been suspended on PhotoDune.”

No images in my portfolio, all gone. What is the issue with this?
Why have they disappeared?
What do I do to get the images and portfolio online again?

It’s been announced while ago. Have you read this one?

Thanks for the link.

So does that mean I just move on to a better Microstock site that will give me the value my images are worth and also the potential to sell more.
Is this what authors get, a kick in the pants, when providing their images to be listed in Envato.
Is there a process to get earnings paid out!

I understand your frustration, you’re not the only one here. Please, do a search on the forum for details

Ki-themes and thanks for the reply.
But I’m afraid, i"m out of here finished with Envato.

They now on my BLACKLIST … ever buying a single image, graphic or theme from Envato gain …

This is sad for the authors of the theme’s I use!


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