Portfolio deleted?

Today i received an email from a client who purchased some of my photo’s a while ago, asking if i could send him the file since it’s no longer available on Photodune. When i tried to view my portfolio to check what was going on, i found that my portfolio was removed altogether.

I’m aware that Photodune is currently closed for new submissions, but is this deletion a result of the new policy? I’m not a full-time photographer but there were around 200 photo’s on it. My portfolio’s on Videohive and Graphicriver are still working.


@basgovers here you go…:


@Bedros Thanks for the article, this is the one i’ve read before. I just didn’t think this would result in the deletion of this many items. Thanks for clearing that up.

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About in the same boat. I delete all my pictures since your new standards. Anyway. I don’t want to upload anymore on Photo Dune but there is something very funny about your company. I receive a tax form saying that I earn 17.60. I never receive my due from Envato than I don’t know why you sent me this tax form and also don’t why you don’t pay me. I can’t contact by e mail as I don’t see any e mail on your site. Would you please let me know, otherwise should I contact the Revenue Service to let them know how you proceed. Thanks


My portfolio has been enterely deleted but my sales were growing since the first upload in 2012 (much more this year). I have been worked 16 hours per day during four years and today, I sell more than 1600 images per day in all agencies but, sincerely, sometimes is very difficult to understand why the agencies do not care about contributors and things like this made this job absolutely insufferable.
What you have done is absolutely despicable.

My portfolio of a thousand or so images was deleted entirely, my best selling image has had many thousands of downloads across many stock sites and earned me over $3000 in total, that was also not considered not good enough, So i wanted to see what they had left in their collections and was surprised to find amongst the very good illustrations, a few no so good with 1 or 2 downloads which is a very low amount, but i guess they see potential in these images more than they see the actual downloads of the images they deleted. I was also a buyer from Envato but i don’t see this as a very stable site anymore and as happens often, it may one day be sold and then closed down by a bigger competitor, like I’ve seen happen to 3 other sites i was selling on. AntonioGuillem had been working for 16 hours and I’m glad they stated that because i too was working that exact same amount of time and i hope they don’t feel too depressed and 100% worthless as I’ve been made to feel by these companies and my own stupidity in thinking i could earn half the amount of minimum wage. I don’t own an expensive camera so i cant spent 5-10 seconds creating an image, i was an illustrator and some images would take me half a day or so to make. I worked out that to get minimum wage would take me 15 thousand images. Since i stopped creating, i am now as poor as i was before but much happier and the less time i spend in this field the less depressed i get. being asked for a model release for a drawing of a horse can cause those kind of low feelings. I regard everyone at Envato as human beings and wish them all the best in life, I also hope this decision works for Envato and everyone prospers as i would not wish my own financial problems on anyone else. The only thing i can say to submitters is that although you are not worthless as a human your work is very almost worthless and can be tossed away in the blink of an eye, regardless of logic.