Why 01

hello friends
why my logo templates are rejected.
please help me.
thank you.

hi , if u ask me this is not bad what u have but there are two things at least that u can embetter indeed. The first one is the general harmony of colors , either inside the illustration and between the text and the illustration as well. Then, as for me there is no real harmony between the typo / text things and the illustration , i guess that finding a more “specific” typo matching more with teh design would take your logo to the next level. Finally but this is just an option and my opinion … i think that bringing sone effect and relief on the different part of the illustration would be making it more impressive. However for this part is all depends on how u execute and on what people aks for since some people like this trend of flat icons and sometimes expect something lookalike. I hope i could help have a nice day and good luck :slight_smile: