Which category should I try first in videohive ?

As a newcomer in videohive . I am going to upload my first product on videohive . Which category will be easy to approve for me?

Is there any advice ?


None of them are easy! What are you thinking though… video, motion graphics, After Effects templates?

After Effects templates , corporate animation presentation. I don`t have the graphic card yet so I will not use any heavy plugin like element 3d. I will do over , smooth animation work.

Is this possible? @SpaceStockFootage

Absolutely! But it’s not easy. Unless you’re really good at After Effects or have a history of creating AE templates for other sites, then you should expect at least a few rejections to start with. I thought it would be easy when I first started… “look at this one, this looks simple… I could do better than that!” Then it was a few rejections in a row and I just gave up! It’s never as easy as it seems! Went on to motion graphics instead.

I’m now doing AE map kits, but they’re a rare combination of something that looks pretty good, has usability, and is relatively simple to create. But presentations and the like? I’d just stare at a blank composition for eight hours, shut down my computer, and then go back to space animations the next day.

Good luck!

mY first advice for new comers to start with Motiongraphics section then slowly focus on after effects templates

Motiongraphics section ? Which category ?

I understand your lack of knowledge about these things
plz look after motion graphics section get an idea what you can accomplish with that section
its basically covers lots of things like backgrounds, overlays, dj loops etc etc
depends upon your knowledge