Where is Motion Graphics in Review Turnaround?

Where is Motion Graphics in Review Turnaround for VideoHive?
@BenLeong could you help?

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Hi @_miko!

I’m not sure what happened to that one - it looks like Motion Graphics and Stock Footage are both missing from that page. I know that both of those item categories are now reviewed in a different system, so it may be related to that change :grimacing:

I’ve been checking Graphics and Audio fairly often, but haven’t looked at the VideoHive page for ages. Do you know if it’s a recent change?

All our Australia / New Zealand staff are in Melbourne at the moment for a few days of meetings and workshops. I’ve raised this with the Author Services team to investigate, but I think they probably won’t get to this until next week.

Hello @BenLeong,
Thanks for the answer. Yes, you’re right, the Motion Graphics and Stock Footage are missing. I look there from time to time, so those categories must have disappeared recently.

I noticed it 2 weeks back while I uploaded in this category, i got reviewed in 3 working days.So the review time might be around 3 to 5 days.

Му Motion Graphics

@BenLeong any news?

@BenLeong , @Will4490
Anyone interested in this?
You just added 10 pages of motion graphics with scrabbles…
I am curious if my motion graphics for the Christmas and New Year period have a chance to appear on the market this year.