Where is MagicPX?

Can anyone tell me where the author of Neoshop is gone to?

Have no idea. Do you need some help on Magento?

I bought this theme for a Magento 1 installation and I want to use it in my Magento 2 installation.
But it seems that the author has been vanished.

You may want to use it but it’s not mandatory that the author has to update the theme. Especially, he’s claiming that he won’t support the items

No, but the author (MagicPX) announced over a year ago that he was working on a Magento 2 version of NeoShop. Now (since 6 month’s there is a claim of no support)
So that’s why I wonder who’s now responsible for the NeoShop template.
Especially, because people still can buy this theme.
I was hoping to get an answer of anybody who knows what going on with this theme.