My theme author has gone missing. I need activate the theme

I bought my theme “Ultimo - Fluid Responsive Magento Theme” a few years ago. My site crashed. After the server rebuilt, this theme asked me to reactivate it again. I put the purchase code in and it didn’t work

It looks like this author has long gone. I don’t need update or any other support! I want my site back! Please anyone can help!

I feel this is a scam. Can anyone help me?


Not sure how this would be classified as a scam but either way - they are a power elite author and it says they support the item

Your best option is to renew support and reach out to them. If they are gone and don’t reply (I think this is unlikely) then envato would refund their extended support

Thanks Charlie,
What if I renew my licence licence at $73, I still don’t get the support? The theme has stopped update from early 2019. If you check both review or comments, you will know what I am talking about. I can see a lot peopel left comments but no one bother to reply.

Thank you very much again for your quick reply!


I don’t know enough about Magento to comment on the relevant updates but the profile says it’s up to date to 2.3 (I know there was issues with the right hand column info not updating on this), which is pretty recent.

The comments still may not be that relevant given that the author uses an external support forum.

I can see your concern but unfortunately the T&Cs do state that envato can’t guarantee lifespan of items, because unlike other sites they do not own the items.