Where do you get html/css conversion service?

Front-end quality of some themes here is outstanding, I would like to find these people, who is doing that work? Some freelancers I’ve found on job-boards are subpar.

I’ve multiple high quality psd files I want someone to convert to html/css/js and I will code it into wp themes to sell on theme forest… I just cannot find the right people.

Take a look on http://studio.envato.com

Have you seen portfolio pieces there? I’m not impressed. subpar work at best. Even though envato is trying to bill them as hand picked.

You could reach out to authors who you think produce good work to see if they will partner but you might want to consider sharing examples of your work here - at least that way developers can see what they are working with and if it’s high quality then people will come to you giving you the best choice.