Where can I enter the license code of ThemForest KingSize

Hello everyone, I have been working for 2 months now to get in touch with the designer of Theme Forest KingSize. I bought the package, have been working with it for two years now, but have changed my domain name. www.michael-wayne.nl Now I want to place my purchased and paid license code on this domain but I wouldn’t know how and where to do this, I bought this package through Envato. I made the mistake of purchasing a second license, which was finally refunded after 6 weeks. Unfortunately I am not getting any further now and need help with that. The developer cannot be reached and does not reply to my emails. Who can or will help me with this? Warm regards, Michael

You need to contact the theme author for this case.

Get in touch with your theme author and if even after getting in touch with support you don’t get the issue as rectified then you may contact me anytime via my authors page through email

Contact support on their email as their Ticksy support forum appears to be down…