When trying to login to Themeforest with Google SSO, I land on Envato...why?

I have been using Google SSO to login to Themeforest for a long time. Today, when I do that, I land on the ENVATO account page - with no access to themeforest. If I try to go back to the themeforest URL (having logged in), I am still not logged in to themeforest.

How do I get back into themeforest? I tried disconnecting google login, and going back to manual, but I end up in the same place.

Any ideas?

Clear the browser cache and login to your account at account.Envato.
After go to ThemeForest, click Login, the page should take you in to the website automatically.
You can do the same for other part of Envato websites. Make sure you have the cookie support

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