What's wrong with the theme design and concept?


I wonder if there is anybody who can provide me honest reviews :slight_smile:

I recently launched my latest WordPress theme on Restaurant and Recipe category. But there is no sale so far !! It’s almost 30 days now.

Item -
Royal Food Restaurant and Recipe WordPress theme

This theme have very necessary elements for niche category. There is no fancy things at all. Only pure business is targeted for any restaurant owner or recipe writer.

Looking forward to any review.


It’s actually very well thought through.

If there are issues…

  • there’s a lot to it and as a result, it’s quite slow to load

  • it feels like quantity over practicality. There is a ton of features and it’s like a restaurant theme with a shop, with a blog, etc. etc. which may deter someone looking for a theme to use for their restaurant.

I get why you did it but it may be confusing for some buyers

  • because of all the features the design feels a bit outdated .v. some of the simple but pure restaurant focussed alternatives

I think you need to really break it up and create clearly defined demos for a shop, for a restaurant, for a recipe blog etc. You can keep a master demo but if buyers can’t see the potential for their project clearly you will struggle

Dear Charlie,

I am grateful for your review. I actually fully agree with your view. Now I
will try all things that you have advised.

Thank you so much.