What's the best way to add placeholder images to my download files?

So, here’s one more question to which I couldn’t find the answer browsing the forum…
I know I can use stock/premium photos in my demo theme (provided I have the license for the images). I know I need to replace all of them by placeholders in my download file.
So, what’s the best strategy to add those placeholders? What do you guys do?
Do you create a new demo site to export the content with the placeholders? Or do you edit the XML file and replace all the image links inside it?
I’m new here. Am I missing something?

Use free stock images so you don’t have to spend more time to “fix” the problem

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Thanks, @ki-themes.
My first idea was to use images with CC0 license (from https://stocksnap.io/ for example). But I wonder if that’s a good solution since it’s very difficult to find really eye-catching images for an eCommerce theme.
What do you think?

That’s the problem. Once you find the images, you don’t have to do anything. Check other free image stocks as well