What means on-demand?

I already checked the licence info…but what means “on-demand”?
For example if working in the video field, is this when different clients ask me to make “video a and add sound a” and “make video b and add sound a again”? So actually like quite every project in a video production company is?

For example, say you’ve made a website that automatically makes a video of peoples photos they upload. On the website you automatically add background music that you originally licensed from AudioJungle. That is not allowed. You would need to purchase a license for every video made on the website.

If you make videos for clients you need to license each song separately for every video you make.

The exception is a series. You can read more about what constitutes a series here https://audiojungle.net/licenses/faq#what-constitutes-series-a

Have you read the “on demand” section in the help? https://audiojungle.net/licenses/faq#on-demand-product-or-service-a

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