What license to buy for a podcast. What does "single application" mean?

I bought a track from AudioJungle with a Music Standard License, planning to use it as the theme song on my podcast. So far, I’ve only created a trailer episode for the podcast. The music fades out at the beginning and in at the end of the podcast. After reading more about the license, I’m concerned that perhaps I can’t do this with every episode. I’m not sure what “single application” means exactly. Also, what if I want to create an intro and outro with the music playing in the background? Is this a separate application? Do I need to buy another license in order to do that?

The standard license is OK for podcast.
After 52 episodes or after 1 year you have to buy another music standard license or higher.
You can see here.

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Thank you! It’s okay, even if I use it to create an intro and outro with my voice over it?

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Thanks so much!