What is your favorite font?

I like Open Sans, Raleway. And you? :slight_smile:

Proxima Nova :smiley:

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PT Sans and FF Tisa - two of my favs. And Roboto of course.


Montserrat, roboto, raleway, playball, and dancing script.

Open Sans and Muli

Oswald looks pretty.

Open Sans, Roboto, Pakenham


zerostrikes said

Roboto, Ubuntu, Open Sans, Minecraftia.


Nunito and Noto Sans

“Lato Hairline Italic”… but,

I think that, for most authors here, font is directly related to the project you are working on. If I was working on a site for Kids, my favorite would be different to what it would be when i am working on “multi purpose” or a lawyer theme.

Agree with waituk above, the right font for the subject matter and the style of design but generally it’s Open Sans, Raleway and Ubuntu

“Segoe Ui” Is the best :smiley:

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Roboto :slight_smile:


I love Lato!

I don’t like the ‘W’ in Raleway. Montserrat is pretty good, but I prefer Lato in small capital letters.

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Proxima Nova and of course Futura

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The one and only Helvetica :slight_smile:


Handel Gothic :wink: