What did you buy from Envato earnings?


You’re not wrong! Here’s CC 2017, not too bad…

And here’s CC 2014. Little bit on the small side!


haha, i asked because 4K resolution is “small” for me without changing DPI even on 32" (i have 32" full hd)
Maybe i should change my eyes :smiley:
//oh i didn’t know that CC2017 is finally optimized for all DPI settings :-/


My earning wasn’t big, so I bought Nikon D7100. Hope it will help me to start working in a new direction


To be honest:

1st 40% for my family
2nd 25% for The poor school Children’s expenses and facilitates
3rd 20% for Helpless elder Peoples
and other 15 for Helpless Animals

Go to this links


The usual: rent, food, clothing, school tuition for the kids, etc…plus the occasional musical instrument or software for Daddy :smile_cat:

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Hello guys

I would like to reinvest my earning in marketing to promote my products.
But I’m new and at the moment I don’t know very well how to do that.

If anyone can tell me a link on this topic I would be very grateful.

Have a great day!


Before coming to Envato, I’m HJ everyday. Now, I have a beautiful girlfriend :slight_smile:

She looks like this:


I just saw the balance and logout from the my bank app on mobile:grin:


@NinjaTeam, where did you download that photo? :open_mouth:


LOL, where did you download her? I want one :smiley:


Hi, just was approved for Audiojungle, so I did not buy anything yet, but when I earn a lot of money, I want to move to Los Angeles. Nice goal :-), isn’t it?


Whats the exact model name of this laptop?


I want one too lol


Use Fb Ads, Google Ads, BuySellAds …


Paid Ads :slight_smile:


Hahaha :grin:


Its a GL502VS-FI035T apparently!


@JoelStarling Hey mate, did you get a tattoo or guitar so far? Or you gonna buy house first?


Hello JohnRosso,

I need to buy the house first, for my family, it’s more important at the moment !
Next I would like to buy a Fender Stratocaster and something else for me. :slight_smile: