What are the best Premium Amazon Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes & Plugins?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Recently, Amazon’s affiliate program has been gaining ground at an increasingly fast rate, thanks to its rapid expansion into a bunch of new countries. As a result, there are a lot of people looking for the best themes and plugins to use to create a successful Amazon affiliate website.

Below, our ThemeForest and CodeCanyon communities have suggested a number of fantastic themes and plugins you can pick from.

And for a more detailed breakdown of what to look for in an Amazon affiliate theme or plugin that’ll help you figure out which ones are best for you, check out this article on the Envato Blog.


I nominate this plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/hand-of-midas-envato-affiliate-money-generator-plugin/19384306

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Let’s Review with Affiliate options plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/lets-review-wordpress-review-plugin-with-affiliate-options/15956777

Most sites that are Amazon affiliates write product reviews with links to Amazon, but 99% of them use ugly looking review boxes and spammy looking affiliate buttons with low CTR. Let’s Review is a unique and extremely powerful premium plugin that helps increase affiliate link CTR and visitor confidence by offering beautiful and modern reviews in multiple styles, with the option of adding well-designed Amazon affiliate buttons straight into the review box for a seamless and effective user experience.Users can even use some of the plugin’s shortcodes to have a summary list that compares existing reviews (and includes affiliate buttons too), and other features such as a shortcode to add an affiliate button within the content area.

Many users have reported significant increases to their site’s Amazon affiliate income thanks to the plugin.

V2 of the plugin will be out soon and there are plans to add even more power to the affiliate side of the plugin.

Amazon Affiliate sites rejoice :slight_smile:

Rehub theme https://themeforest.net/item/rehub-directory-multi-vendor-shop-coupon-affiliate-theme/7646339 + Content Egg (Amazon module is in free version, plugin is bundled).

I can guarantee that you will never find more functional theme for Affiliate Website. All other themes can be good, but they don’t have even half of functions of Rehub for Affiliate merketing.

I can just show you some of unique things

  • Works with Amazon API

  • More than 12 offer blocks for Amazon offers (product cards, lists, comparison price lists, grid, compact list with features, specifications, photos)

Here how it works

(screenshot shows for Aliexpress, Amazon has even more output templates)


Some basic output templates http://rewise.wpsoul.net/meizu-m3-note/

  • Price alerts, price drops and even price history. And of course, auto updates of prices from Amazon.

  • Possible to parse full specification from Icecat based on Amazon EAN)

  • Full synchronization with Offer fields of theme. Means that you can sync lowest Amazon offer price which added to post. This will allow you to create search filters based on price, price range, custom filter panels and show price snippets in archives. Make your site as real recommendation and offer service, like Techradar, cnet)

  • Instead of other themes, we make several ways to use Affiliate functions. You can use not only woocommerce, but also Posts, so, site will be much lighter, because woocommerce loads too much own scripts and enough heavy plugin. This is example of one of Post layout

  • Posts have many special layouts for price comparison, for e-commerce look, for single offers. Combining with other parts of theme, you can create real Price comparison look, Recommendation post look, not just Product look.

  • 3 different Auto Top list shortcodes to create Top sets pages


  • Unique and light dynamic comparison with possibility to use compare by groups. This means that you can create several product groups on site, users will never compare phones and notebooks. You have full control how comparison page will look and what will show. Instead of many sites, our comparison charts are fully responsive


  • Top table constructor, top reviews constructor


  • Content helpers in Content Egg (Youtube, google books for manuals, pixabay images, google news, twitter)

  • AMP support including all affiliate blocks. Your AMP pages will have awesome and styled look

  • Shortcode helpers. Highligts, tabs, titled boxes, CTA blocks

  • User reviews with criterias

  • You can also buy Content Egg pro to have many other affiliate modules. This can help to make price comparisons from most of sources. Currently, more than 20 most popular systems are available. You can show combined list

  • Top offer widgets, deal of day, carousels of offers

  • Import extension for WPAI. You can use not only plugins, but any xml feed for bulk import deals. Available for posts and for woocommerce. Extension allows to import also expiration date, reviews with criterias, merchant logos and even location

  • Option to create store archives. For example, this can be useful if you have deals from several sources (you can even combine them). You can create separate archive page for Amazon deals, make maximum seo optimization (2 seo sections are available). You can create also alphabet archives of store, categories or any taxonomy

  • Speed improvements. All functions load only if you enable them. Easily get A grade for site on theme with simple 2 minute tutorial https://wpsoul.com/how-optimize-speed-of-wordpress/

  • Mega menus, bundled MDTF, Visual Composer, Frontend form plugin, Import XML extension, Member types extension

  • Advanced Buddypress functions to create affiliate communities, including advanced Profiles, login modals, posting from profile, advanced tabs, point systems, synchronization between roles and Buddypress Member types


  • Geo locations and advanced location filters


You can even make affiliate site much more functional with theme. Many novices make one mistake. They just import amazon products to site with import plugins and wait for money. They will never get any money, because there are millions of other users who do the same. Rehub gives much more smart instruments and helpers to create real deal, comparison site and community. Visitors don’t want to see just another copy of Amazon products on site, and you can give them much more with combination of our functions and modules which make site much more valuable for visitors and seo engines.

In Content Egg plugin we use logic from seo engines instead of importing product categories. You use keywords to parse data, we added also keyword helpers in Autoblog (works based on Amazon, google suggestions, trends, etc)

You can also combine several types of sites in one, this is why Rehub is Hybrid theme. You can combine shop and affiliate store with community and directory, review site and price comparison site.

We added 6 bundled child themes. Each child theme has such design which fits for own money making strategy. For example, Repick is good for “gift” sites, Recash for “deal communities”, Rewise - for comparison sites, Rehub - for Review sites, Revendor - for shops, etc

We have two separate teams (one for theme and one for plugins) and non-stop improvements and developments of advanced sollutions for more than 6 years.

Check demo of theme here http://wpsoul.net/demo/

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I nominate this theme - https://themeforest.net/item/you-multipurpose-responsive-wordpress-theme/15175900

Yah we have Bebo WordPress Theme

You must be uncomfortable cause you have to depend on other bookstore (Amazon, Better World Books, BookMooch…) to sell your brainchild. Why don’t you think about your own store to promote your business directly and more effective. Look down, you will know exactly what you need if you are thinking about your store.

Here is my new Designed magazine theme: https://themeforest.net/item/designed-magazine-newspaper-blog-wordpress-theme/19322769
Theme includes very simple, but nice ‘affiliate functionality’. Write classic blog post (about some product), add product price, label and affiliate URL and …bang… let your visitors to buy a product and earn some money :slight_smile:

Wordpress Automatic Plugin Imports products from Amazon on complete auto pilot for chosen keywords/Categories

It has a unique feature of grabbing all items from amazon for a specific search term. By default Amazon returns a maximum of 100 item per API search query but Wordpress Automatic Can go far than this by grabbing items from Amazon that was not returned by using the regular API

It also supports Woo-Commerce on the fly so items created get added with price, images gallery and reviews

P.S: The plugin also supports lot’s of other sources including affiliate sites like eBay and ClickBank. Amazon module also pending one big update which will take it to the next level

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