We're fed up with Ticksy. What are the alternatives?

Hello to all!
Now there are many support systems. But all work for comfort of developer only.
We changed the approach to support and developed a ticket system that is convenient for both a developer and a client. This’s called Ticketrilla.
The client gets support without leaving his site and the developer gets a powerful platform with easily complemented functionality.
The matter is simple. Ticketrilla consists of 2 plugins that connected directly with each other.
The client’s plugin is absolutely free and is in the official catalog of the WordPress, and the developer’s plugin costs only $35. This price for support systems is very low. Addons cost $10 each. We have released the addon to support of Envato licenses and will soon release an addon for response templates and an translator-addon.
So, the work of the support system does not depend on third side, does not require monthly payments and works stably and safely for all participants.
The functionality is not very wide yet, but we are constantly working on it and are releasing addons. In addition, any developer can release their own addon and even sell it. We are not have anything against it :slight_smile: