We're fed up with Ticksy. What are the alternatives?

Hey guys,

For the last several weeks Ticksy has been unavailable many times. Today it’s up and running, however, many new tickets appear and then disappear all the time, so we cannot communicate with our buyers.

There’s only one feature that makes us stay with Ticksy: integration with Envato API out of the box.

So the question is: what are the SaaS alternatives with such a feature?

Thank you!




I also disturb about Ticksy behavior, i have decided to make my own ticket system that will use ThemeForest API and also develop its mobile APP to make sure i am available 24/7 from my mobile too.

Are you going to develop it from scratch? There are different self-hosted solutions out there…


Same here. We are also going to create our own system using Envato API. Ticksy has become very unreliable and your customers mostly assumes it your system that’s down which makes you look bad instead of ticksy.

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Totally. They’ve been good but offline for the whole day yesterday. No way to contact them either. Not responding to our tweets :z .

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Yes we are going to develop it from scratch because we will also develop its mobile APP. So we need our own system to manage APP also.

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I believe using your own ticket system would be the solution. Maybe someone could code one ticket system and starts to sell it for other TF authors.

Same here. Seems more stable now, but hard to trust them. Downtime and lagging happens every month.


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So tired of that. The only thing that works stable is the recurring payment, as if whole month system was up&running.

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@tms-plugins - lol so true. We would understand if they communicate with us but man they don’t even utter a word!

I heard that it’s a him (oneman show), not a them.
I’m going to switch to ticksy but I had to change my mind just a few days ago when I saw how much time he took to fix issues.
Maybe I learned Envato by using Zendesk.

now a days, its really irritating… all of sudden, it throws migration warning page.

i am really looking for alternatives like ticksy but couldn’t find anyone which is close to it.

i wanted to try wordpress themes offering support with envato purchase code… but none of them impress me.

They do sometimes. I spoke with Justin (author) in their helpdesk, he assured me that they are aware of the situation, doing everything to fix the lagging and downtime issues with highest priority, even paused the rollout of new features - but it was 2-3 months ago, and everything is still the same. I don’t understand why they don’t refund at least some percentage of the payments, this wouldn’t be a big loss for them, but would at least show their users that they do care, and it all would feel at least not that much annoying for us.
Most of the times they just keep silence, probably just have nothing new to say.
They managed to build a great support system for Envato authors, but seems they’re having a hard time maintaining it…
We still hope they will resolve things. But we prepared a different helpdesk and will switch if we experience another downtime of 1-2 days.

Because of frustration, i am always tempted to build my own using laravel,

but it will be very time consuming so i always step back…

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I was disappointed about Ticksy in this year, the system is always maintained, if this problem continues to occur, I will try HelpScout

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We’ve talked to HelpScout and Kayako: they don’t allow you to check purchase codes.

Easiest solution for self hosted support forum is BB Press + https://codecanyon.net/item/smart-bbpress-nverify/6370189?s_rank=13

looks interesting,
did you try that?

my only problem is entering purchase code manually, it would be better if they allow oauth to get purchase codes directly

Yes, but long time ago - some of first versions.
You can ask the author if that option is available or maybe to include it next update