Welcome Us to Theme Forest



We are glad that our first product is live on theme forest.m

Here we are new on theme forest with new and latest design and functionality.

Our first item is approved after 3 months. Now its gonna be fun where we will have competition and will work more hard to bring some awesome products for you.


Welcome to themeforest and congratulation for your first product. Good luck with the sales :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your appreciation and for your kind words @janxcode_team :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forest. How many days did you wait for the first review of your theme?


Thank you for your appreciation.

We have waited for our first item from almost 3 months.


I must have been a long journey to get there, well done!


Yes @a-idea we worked hard and just keep working with our focus and finally we reached to the success of the approval of the theme.


Good job @genie_aladin, well worth the wait!

Good luck with your future products!


You Welcome Mate :wink:


Yeah We waited for long time @PremioThemes but atlast we are now on theme forest :slight_smile:

Thank you for your appreciation.


Thank you for your motivation and for your valuable feedback.


Welcome @genie_aladin

Great to have you here.


Congrats. Its an awesome feeling when your first theme gets approved. Good luck with sales :slight_smile:


Welcome! :smile: