My first approved WordPress Theme ! Thank you Envato




I would like to share with you my first approved WordPress Directory Theme

I would like to see experts (authors) ideas for any kind of suggestions to make the theme better.

Thank you in advance !


can you share your experience ?


yes sure, the idea started 1.5 years ago where I could not find such a theme so I decided to built it myself, and the long journey started … the idea is to have more complicated themes in terms of functionality so for example my theme will function like facebook and twitter for liking and sharing news and posts … the applications are endless… if you mean the reviewing process with envato … that was some hard time … but at the end we did it and we are in :slight_smile:


Congrtulations and welcome to themeforest :tada: Good luck for the sales :slight_smile:


Hopefully, You can struggle a lots from my point of view , however, you got success


Thank you so much guys … I am excited to be part of this community


Yeah … It’s a great journey someone who have got some items in theme-forest …


yes especially these days, reviewers will ask you to change everything to international standards ! but fine… nothing is easy at the end :slight_smile:


You have joined theme-forest for 2 years … inspired me your dedication and working-hard and I share with my friend your dedication …


Congratulations! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


thank you so much !


Congrtulations :wink:


Congrats @wztechno :tada:


Thank you so much !!


amazing WordPress missing those kind of themes very rare to find clean one … add to my cart i send it to my friend who was looking few day ago for something like its come in time ahahahah its funny bcz its almost the same what he was describe :laughing :


We worked 2 years on it :smile: and more and more features are coming ! Thank you for your nice words


lte me give u friendly feedback bcz im sur ur next themes will be much
better and this theme perfect as starter…
1- first ur charge navigator from my newbi personal view its to large

2- i really wish you the best :boy::boy::boy:


You are 100% right on this :heart_eyes: But You know enavto reviewers with design… they are so so picky and always up to very detailed standards … they wanted this … lol … do you think if I change this now, they will still accept my update ?

Thank you so much for time and effort to review my theme. !


ahahahaha u asking the wrong person im just someone passing by was looking to buy theme :joy: 0% idea about developers world.


lol… then make sure to buy a copy before more features are added and price will rise :stuck_out_tongue: … Thank you so much for nice words dude !