Website themes/templates that are cyberpunk/outrun-ish?

This might seem out of place (hope this is the right place to post this!), but I hope you guys could help me. I am designing a website for a friend. I have wordpress installed on the website. I don’t mind changing the base to joomla or drupal or some other CMS.

Basically, I am looking for help in finding good cyberpunk/outrun looking themes for the site. So far, I have found absolutely nothing. I have searched themeforest, various wordpress and joomla theming sites, and I have not found one template that looks close to anything resembling cyberpunk or outrun for wordpress or joomla or drupal. The themes I HAVE found are on a site called “behance” and are just photoshop designs, and not anything that is usable for what I wanted. Keep in mind, I have web developer experience, but I am not a good designer so I do not trust myself to come up with any aesthetically pleasing design on my own.

My friend has a certain taste in what they like, they love site designs like: (warning, loud audio alert)

Orbit-SciFi-UI-Kit (link removed)

In fact, the theme for the is also pretty great and in line in what they love.

So far, all of the templates I have found seem to be targeted towards businesses and not personal blogs. They are all extremely bloated and include tons of white space and large fonts. I am looking for minimal looking designs that have a vaguely cyberpunk/outrun look to them.

My question is, do any of you guys know where themes like this might exist, or do you know of any themes that are similar to the links I provided? Or do I have to hire someone to build a whole new theme? And, if I do have to hire someone, do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi @darkathena. You’re in exactly the right place :smiley:

That’s a tricky one! The retro neon style isn’t something I’ve seen in a ready-to-use WordPress theme (it’s an intentionally dated look, which makes it harder to find on a stock marketplace), but you could probably imitate it using any minimalist blog theme with some graphic and font choices.

Many themes will use Google Fonts - so something like Orbitron would look the part.

We also have a lot of sci-fi style graphic elements on GraphicRiver - for example:

(I’ve edited out one of your links, as we don’t allow links to competing marketplaces)

80’s style neon colour palettes like this or this could work for contrast.

Synthwave graphics and text effects could fit, too - something like this, perhaps:

If you need a freelance designer, Envato Studio is a good place to look.

Good luck! I’d love to see what you end up making - maybe post something in our Web Design project area when you’re done?

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