Looking for a Template / Theme for my Server

me and my firends have a teamspeak server running. Also we`ve got a homepage for that but the actual site is not our favorite. so thats why we are searching for an template / theme for like a portfolio page or something like that.

our actual site is http://durchzeitundraum.net/

Did you check our theme innovatik for WordPress?
You can make any design is very simple to do.
Or do you need html theme?


i hate wordpress so i`d like to have a html page. it should be nice, maybe it sould have some “special effects” so that it looks awsome :smile:
also it should have:
a adwords/affiliate banner section
one onepage site (main page)
and some blank pages were i can put some codes or text


You have plenty HTML templates on Themeforest. You know yourself what you like and what you need.