Website for company productions.



Hi there,

I’m looking for a good website for a freelancer working as a productor films

I will like to have this options:

  • Home (where it shows news)
  • Projects (the projects we made as a freelancers, to show for everybody)
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Music
  • Team ( our team )
  • Prices (prices of our products)
  • Products (option to sell digital content like ,mp3 ,zip, mp4,)
  • About us

I see many examples here in themeforest, but don’t have all my requiriments.
If anybody know a good website for wordpress please help me.

I can aford 85$.

Thank you.


hi please check labomba, it has portfolio (for projects), visual composer and woocommerce


I’m looking something similar to Odio theme…

But I need the features I mentioned… I want to have all featuring not only 2 or 3.



All of the above can be done with this theme :

In demo see " Marketify Pages " .