Website for authors to promote their items

Hello community,

I have created a website for authors to promote their items for extra traffic, all coding has been done but not yet live. I would like to take a 2nd opinion from community, is there any further room for this type of projects where authors can list their products in free or paid.


People have tried this before and there are certainly a number of considerations eg

  • a new website is not going to be getting significant traffic for some time unless you are planning to pay to promote it, so while adding author items would help with this, you need to define what value your site is offering in return

  • if you are planning on things reaching (obviously would take a long time) a busy status then are you willing/able to invest the time/budget/resource to maintain and host something like that?

  • you need to be very careful not to end up trying to turn it into an affiliate project which would again dilute the mutual value

  • if you are planning to host/promote other expert designer and coder items then you need to be entirely confident in the product/quality/output


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