Web Hosting Review Script & Affiliate Link - PHP

Looking for, ideally a PHP/mySQL script that can be used as a web hosting review site that will allow me to use/post hosting company affiliate links. Perhaps the ability for users to easily post comments or reviews, but naturally some sort of user verification would be needed.

Let me know!

Check for “Coupon” themes at WordPress or any “blog” themes would help you to manage what you’re trying to achieve

Thanks; a coupon script may work I will look closer at what is around.

But I was hoping that there was something turn key out there, somewhere …

Perhaps an opportunity for a project for someone though. There was a script package a few years ago, but it died.

It could probably be easily refined from an existing classified ad/business directory/coupon script

There’s a reason why it’s dead :slight_smile:

One being that it had a definite 90s feel to it and the other being that it isn’t easy to stand out if you are selling your own site.