Does anyone know any ways to promote your script to affiliate marketers?

Do you guys know of any site/marketplace/reviewers where you can send your CodeCanyon script and they agree to review it (for free) so that they can earn money through the Envato Affiliates system?

So, think of this similar to how some affiliated marketers do with products from Amazon, they review them and place affiliated links from their website.

the question is kind of stupid, sorry for that! i guess you already figured it out :wink: just google for plugin reviews and try to contact the first 10 blogs you find. i guess its not that hard. its up the the blog owner if they want to be charged or do it for free, i would not expect that anybody would write a good review about your items for free, so better have at least a small budget ready to achieve your aim. i guess the free reviews won’t be “good” at all or have any “quality”… so better pay one good blog instead invest lot of time writing to weak blogs where you link don’t matter at all. regards, krafti

You miss-understood my question. I’m not looking for bloggers that also do reviews from time to time. I know there are a lot of affiliate marketers on CodeCanyon and most of them simply take an item and advertise it to possible buyers to get their referral cut (well, this is what affiliate marketing is all about).

I did not find (on Google) any way to get in touch with such affiliate marketers, even though there’s lots of them. They might be interested because I could provide banners/descriptions/tutorials for the products so they don’t have to.

I was asking if you know any platform where product creators can easily get in touch with affiliate marketers.