We hit 100 sales!



Woho! We hit our first 100 sales on TF :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for helping us here on the forums with a lot of questions we had over the last month!



Congratulations my friend !!! :wink:


Congratulations! @NordWood with your first 100 sales! :tada:


Congratulations! @NordWood :tada:


Congrats! @NordWood :tada:


Congratulations @NordWood :tada: Me and my team wish you good luck for more sales and success :slight_smile:


Congrats! Wish you more sales!


Congrats! GLWS :sunny:


Nice!! Keep up and wish you a lot of sales !!! :slight_smile: Next goal - 1000?:)!!


Congratulations - onwards & upwards…


Thanks guys from all 3 of us!

We hope TF proves to be profitable for us because we really want to bring in some innovation but with updates and support, development of new themes is going much slower than we thought :slight_smile:


good job
I have a question: Do you use certain methods of marketing to bring in customers?


Congratulations, @NordWood! Keep moving on!


Hi @favotheme,

We have a website with free photos that brings in some traffic :slight_smile:


Congrats! @NordWood
You can try marketing but you will get GA when you are elite.

It is better if you do marketing when you have Google analytics that knowing the source of traffic for each sale.


We have analytics but we have no idea which visits end up with purchases because Envato does not allow that. There is no way to see the conversion rate (quite bizarre since Creative Market has that integrated) so we use analytics to see where the visitors come from and how deep they go into our themes.


Congrats :tada: