Yay! My item's got 1000 sales!!


Yay! my wordpress theme has 1k sales :smiley:

And my total sale is 1999 :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward to reach Elite very soon :smiley: so exited :blush:


Congratulation & Best of luck :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Congrats!!! My friend :slight_smile:


@ilmosys @JeriThemes Thank you guys

And my total sale now is 2000 :smiley: yay!


Welcome :slight_smile:


i bet that was an exciting ride. watching the sales mount up daily. impressive


Graz @leafcolor and good luck on next milestone! :smiley:


Congratulations man ! Wish you a lot more.


W :open_mouth: W !!! :smiley: - Congrats! :slight_smile:


Congrats!!! : -)