Vulnerability reporting

What is the process for reporting vulnerabilities in code on sale here, once an attempt to contact the author has failed?


How to contact an author to get support for any Item issue or for any technical query:

Also you can open envato customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


Thanks. Looks like ‘site feedback’ is the least irrelevant option in the ticket menu, since I haven’t actually purchased anything.

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If you are aware of vulnerabilities in code in a designers code, then if your attempt to contact the author has failed, then visit this link:

And make your report

Thanks, that’s perfect.

@RobinGoodfellow we also have a vulnerability disclosure program:

There’s a link to a form there where you can report the vulnerability for us to investigate. In the case of a vulnerability with an item, we will work directly with the item’s author to get it addressed.